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Sreeshti of New Jersey

Sreeshti is a cultural, social organization based in the East coast of North America, representing the vibrant Indian and Bengali community of the area. Our mandate is to promote Bengali artistic activities – including art, literature, cinema and theater in the United States.

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Sreeshti Gallery, Membership and Yearly Events

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Lovely captures of people participating and enjoying our yearly events.

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Sreeshti is member subscription + donation driven. We have no other sources of income. Occasionally there are sponsors for particular events and stall fees from vendors

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A Year to remember that connects us to our roots !

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Halloween 2018

Our fun filled Scariest Event of the year

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Soccer 2018

Sreeshti Soccer Event 2018

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BBQ Event

Sreeshti BBQ Event

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Sreeshti borshoboron remembering our bengali cultural heritage